New Homepage: Nouvelle page web

Ma nouvelle page web se trouve à My new homepage can be found at

Runner-up in Asymptote’s Close Approximations Contest

I’m very pleased and honored to have been chosen as one of two runners-up in the international translation journal Asymptote’s Close Approximations translation contest, judged by Eliot Weinberger. Read my translation of an excerpt from Sylvie Kandé’s Neverending Quest For the Other Shore here in Asymptote’s January 2014 anniversary issue. Read the judge’s comments in… Read More »

A Poem in Poetry Quarterly: Un poème dans Poetry Quarterly

My “Palanquin,” a poem in English, has appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of Poetry Quarterly, which you can buy here. Mon “Palanquin,” un poème en anglais, a paru dans le numéro d’été 2013 de Poetry Quarterly, que vous pouvez acheter ici.

Amy King Rules on the Rumpus

Amy King incomparably flings some truth at arrogance over at The Rumpus: this is a must-read for the poetry reader. Amy takes on, and takes down, Marjorie Perloff, Vanessa Place and Kenneth Goldsmith, notably: PART 1 HERE PART 2 HERE The notion that Conceptual Poetry is nothing new is nothing new per se, nor is… Read More »

Scales: Echelles

Different poets work at different scales. Some are interested in the very interstices between letters, or in the letter itself, as in concrete and visual poetries that experiment with letter-like forms, superimposed letters, etc. Geof Huth, for instance, is a poet of the letter. Others work at the interstices between individual words. Words have their… Read More »

Autobiographical Poem (composed 2011)

Tegenaria Agrestis Elegy In night-time I was rush face-first in the spider web. During one hour my face felt with the spiderwebs still, and after the spider would horrify myself each time. Not any variety the bugs, only spiders. (And earwhigs.) But revulsion and to fascinate are the same things, but just depending how you… Read More »

Losing Jason Molina of Songs:Ohia

I have been listening to the work of singer/songwriter Jason Molina since 1998, almost fifteen years, nearly all of his career (1996-2009, or -2012, depending on how you count). During those years, his words and music have accompanied my greatest joys and sorrows as few musicians’ have. His loss at 39 from alcohol feels a… Read More »