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Prétérition: Preterition

I feel too much scorn, disdain and disgust to condescend descending the level of me and deign of spewing vitriol in response to the objectionable, poorly argued, vitriolic, spewing, offensive, thoughtless, unprofessional, disrespectful, trashy, low-brow, unimaginative, boring, warty, infected, ungeometrical, unradical, canonical, conformical, chloroformical, flabbergastical, blubbiflorp, flibbyglup, crubbledump, ()!)#%()#*^$)@(#$^(#@$) article by Amiri Baraka entitled “Why… Read More »

Van Gogh’s Ear Publication: Aaron Belz and Alexander Dickow

THE FOLLOWING NEWS IS NOT TRUE. Please see article entitled “Grosse déception: Big Disappointment.” LA NOUVELLE SUIVANTE EST FAUSSE. Voir l’article intitulé “Big Disappointment: Grosse déception.” I have just been informed that two poems, “Reinventing the Wheel” and “You Bore Me” by Aaron Belz, will be appearing in the international anthology series Van Gogh’s Ear… Read More »

Vanity: Vanité!

I’m heard so and some writer said they weren’t caring so much so concern about getting published and that. Yes, maybe, for some persons who was with the right places the right timing. But my guess most are lied a good bunch of themself. It took oh so many vanities and illusion and persistent for… Read More »

Max Jacob, continued…: de nouveau, Max Jacob…

Il s’avère que le poème de Max Jacob que j’ai “redécouvert” (voir ailleurs sur ce blog) a probablement été republié très récemment, dans l’ouvrage d’Andrea Bedeschi, Les dés en mouvement (Rimini: Pannozo Editore, 2005), qui retrace l’histoire textuelle du Cornet à dés—ses prépublications, ses éditions, ses variantes. Je n’ai malheureusement pas encore eu l’occasion de… Read More »