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Kiln’s incredible music strikes an odd chord with this passionate reader and re-reader of the later Paul Celan. These strangely elegiac soundscapes attain the same paradoxical bleak lushness, the simultaneous depth of detail and compression, as the poems of Breathturn. Even Kiln’s graphic design and song titles have obvious Celanian resonance, like these titles from… Read More »

L’Immusique et les Lettres: Unmusic and Letters (2)

In response to my post, “L’Immusique et les Lettres: Unmusic and Letters,” Jean-Claude Pinson wrote: “J’aime beaucoup l’expression “musique de travers” (j’avais d’abord, avant d’ouvrir le dictionnaire, compris musique cuite ou cuisinée, ce qui n’était pas mal non plus !). On est bien, je crois, sorti aujourd’hui de la mise au ban du “reportage”. Ou… Read More »

Joaquín Pasos, poète: Joaquín Pasos, poet

Read Joaquín Pasos, extraordinary Nicaraguan poet: On Eclipse, Poemas de un joven que no sabe inglés (_Poems by a Young Man Who Doesn’t Speak English_), and some poems in Spanish with English translations in Green Integer Review’s previous incarnation, Mr. Knife, Miss Fork. ***** Lisez Joaquín Pasos, poète extraordinaire du Nicaragua: Sur Eclipse, Poemas de… Read More »