Monthly Archives: February 2007

June 14th Reading: Lecture le 14 juin

Event Announcement: As part of Meg Punschke’s Word of Mouth Reading Series, I will be reading with Carly Sachs, Annie Choi and Amy Lawless on June 14th, 2007 at Bluestocking Books in NYC. Le 14 juin 2007 à Bluestocking Books, New York, rejoignez-nous pour une lecture de poésie (en anglais) de Carly Sachs, Annie Choi,… Read More »

Kitchen Press Review

My review of four Kitchen Press chapbooks has at last appeared on Shanna Compton’s DIY Publishing weblog. I review the following books: Justin Marks, You Being You By Proxy Ana Bozicevic-Bowling, Morning News Chris Tonelli, Wide Tree Matt Rasmussen, Fingergun