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Strategy’s Future Rock Available At Last

My brother’s best record to date is a marvel: Buy Strategy’s Future Rock on Kranky Records now!! Press can be found in The Wire magazine, as well as here, here, here and in many other places…. Le nouvel album de mon frère est le meilleur qu’il ait encore fait: achetez Future Rock par Strategy, paru… Read More »


Failed efforts are sometimes worth sharing. * The chortle sophisticate veered on while instigate a spurt among the surrounded clump of extremity, multiple and involved nincompoop. The chortle had succeed with flabbergast the nincompoop, whose was why they spurt. That dandy and chortle sophisticate he were full up finely and entire burp the tune, continuous… Read More »

Poem published in Best of Cafe’ Cafe’ Summer 2007 Anthology: Un poème paru dans l’anthologie Best of Cafe’ Cafe’ Summer 2007

One of my poems has been published in MiPOesias’ magazine’s Best of Cafe’ Cafe’ Summer 2007 print anthology. Thanks to Didi Menendez and the members of MiPO’s Cafe’ Cafe’ discussion forum, and to Bob Marcacci, who originally featured this poem in the Countdown #21. You can order your copy of the anthology here. *** Un… Read More »

News on the Doyle Owl

Recent archeological evidence has revealed that the famed “Doyle Owl,” a Reed College dorm gargoyle which has been secretly circulating among Reed students, staff and faculty for as long as anyone can remember, was in fact carved from the large stone originally located on the grounds of the Sorbonne, where students affectionately referred to it… Read More »

Notes: Notes

People often refer to translations as close or far from the text, but I believe such expressions misrepresent the translation process. The “closest” literal translation often results in a mutilation of the original; the terms “close” and “far” quickly lose any stability or revelance when examined closely. The most distant transformation appears the most exact… Read More »