Monthly Archives: August 2007

Intriguing old notebook entries

Don’t purse your thighs at me when I’m speaking to you. You think you’re so pretty with your shiny eyebrows and your perfectly arched bellybutton. I saw you wink your elbow at him, you can’t deny it, I could tell by the way your eyelids applauded. *** They were so different that neither one shared… Read More »

Mot-valise: Portmanteau

lunimosité, n. f. J’ouvre un concours pour la meilleure définition proposée pour ce mot, que j’exposerai par la suite sur ce blog même, avec le nom de l’auteur de la définition. *** lunimosity, n. I am opening a contest for the best definition offered for this word, which I will then post (with due credit)… Read More »

Kasugai Blurb

I hope Kasugai won’t crack down on me for saluting (hey, free advertising) the wonderful description of their Muscat Gummy candies, printed on the front of the package. The candies are already delicious, but I’m convinced the blurb makes them taste even better. Must have something to do with the Graceful Ladies. “Its translucent color… Read More »