Poems by Jonathan Baillehache and Maria Muresan: Poèmes par Maria Muresan et Jonathan Baillehache

By | June 10, 2009

Maria Muresan m’a offert ce poème suite à ma lecture à Shakespeare and Company. C’est une version retravaillée d’un texte intitulé “Buy T.S. Eliot”.

Maria Muresan offered me this poem after my reading at Shakespeare and Company. It’s a reworked version of a text called “Buy T.S. Eliot”.

Buy Alexander Dickow!

When Mr. Athanax visited the United France

His laughter tripped,

Saint Louis’ ax

dried, and passionate talks.

devoured, the afternoon said:

“He is a charming cup

“But after all. did he mean that?” –

“His pointed tears…….. he must be unbalanced,” –

“He has something that he might have challenged.”

I laughed “I was unaware, involved

and being part of this

I was drawn in by short grasps inhaled

at each momentary recovery lost
finally in the dark caverns of tall bruised unseen keys”,
an endless waitress
with trembling hats hurriedly spending thinks
on the rustic green tablet:

“If the lady and gentleman wish take their garden for their cramps”

This is how Mr Athanax visited the Unites France


Il y a quelques jours, Jonathan Baillehache m’a offert ce délicieux petit poème biculturel de sa composition:

Un petit vers de Mirliton pour le plaisir.

L’oiseau qu’on appelle en anglais le sea gull
rappelle au palais par son goût la ciguë
et l’autre en anglais qu’on appelle l’eagle
l’oreille abrutit de sa voix trop aiguë,
leur cri stimulant la lubie ambiguë
d’un coup engloutir un énorme bagel.

Un “bagel”, pour les français, est un petit pain rond et troué que l’on mange notamment à New York. C’est très bon. Merci à Maria et Jonathan!

Many thanks to Maria and Jonathan!