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Autobiographical Poem (composed 2011)

Tegenaria Agrestis Elegy In night-time I was rush face-first in the spider web. During one hour my face felt with the spiderwebs still, and after the spider would horrify myself each time. Not any variety the bugs, only spiders. (And earwhigs.) But revulsion and to fascinate are the same things, but just depending how you… Read More »

More Nonsense Poems in French: Encore des poèmes nonsensiques en français

In response to my nonsense poem on Rewords, my friend Corinne Noirot wrote: “A beauty. One ancestor: Poème en langue inconnue Cerdis zerom deronty toulpinye, Purois harlins linor orifieux, Tictic falo mien estolieux, Eulfiditons lafar relonglotye. Gerefeluz tourdom redassinye; Ervidion tecar doludrieux, Gesdoliou nerset bacincieux, Arlas destol osart lurafirie. Tast derurly tast qu’ent derontrian, Tast… Read More »

Répons, poèmes: poems, Répons

Merci à Fabrice Thumerel et Philippe Boisnard de Libr-critique d’avoir publié mes “Répons”! Many thanks to Fabrice Thumerel and Philippe Boisnard of Libr-critique for publishing my “Répons”, from a short series of poems in French. I’d also like to thank Philippe Annocque for his generous Hublots blog entries (1) (2) concerning Caramboles. Thanks, Philippe! J’en… Read More »

Poem-fragment (2)

It’s about time I once again began adding something of interest – more, at least, than news of events and publications – to this weblog, long interrupted by duties and distractions. I hope to add more shortly. It seems appropriate to me, for some reason, to re-inaugurate things with an incomplete piece about the Fall—written… Read More »